Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Damned Machine (continued)

Here's the update on my long departed pistachios. Someone is clearly looking out after me

So I stroll into work today around 4:30PM after a long day of sailing, and I'm thinking I've got circulation for the next catalog to get done. It was going to be another long night. Certainly, it was indeed a long night, but at least I got my second pack of pistachios. How's this for a long lost brother story?

I sit down at my desk and start talking with two of my employees about how I was at the office until 8:30 on Monday night. I told them the story about my vending machine incident and how I got robbed of the blessed pistachios. They look at each other and say, "Pistachios!" Turns out that the security guard was trying to get the pistachios out of the machine by using some sort of martial art technique known as "beating ths snot out of a machine". He wasn't having any luck when my two boys walked into the breakroom.

They saw the pistachios just hanging there and decided to order an item from one of the slots above the pistachios (good thing the people that work for me are smarter than me, cuz I'd be screwed otherwise). They ordered the other item from the vending machine and score both goodies. For some reason that only the pistachio gods know, they didn't eat the pistachios. Me and my long departed pistachios were reunited this evening at approximately 5PM. I'm not sure I want to eat them. They have so much sentimental value

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