Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Cursed Windoze

Original blog from my myspace
I'm sitting here at work cursing Bill Gates and Adobe at the same time. Friggin Adobe takes over Flash, and version 9 isn't working on my desktop at work (not working on my MAC at home either) . Then I try to download and install Flash 9 and there's no link to just run a damned EXE or CAB file . They have an auto download, which doesn't work in IE for my computer. So, I figure that I might as well use Firefox to get my work down. Turns out that the website I need to access doesn't work with Firefox. Just great!

Now I'm sitting at my coworkers computer thinking that I can use this computer to logon to our email vendor and send out some spam . But nooooooooooo , for some reason the logon does not work on this computer only. Works fine on my desktop but not on this one!!! Then one of my coworkers keeps coming into the office and tripping over my GD backpack.

I have to just laugh about the whole situation because I know that Bill is just sitting around right now laughing quitely to himself, knowing that I am sitting at work typing a blog on myspace rather than working because his crap software doesn't work. I have found my zen space , and it's great. I'm going to take out some fat aggression on my coworkers keyboard in a moment.

The most enjoyable bit of this entire experience is that my coworker has setup his Yahoo Instant Messenger to auto logon. Now, all of his friends know that he is not wearing pants!

I believe that I have officially lost it. I have this fantasy of an elf right now that is providing me with some sense of sanity . Otherwise, I would probably be reenacting a scene from Office Space right now.

But the action never stops here at work. We just got in a sample backpack, but my import guy got the sample just for himself! This thing is f*ing sweet! But he got the sample for himself, so I threw it over the wall of his cube because he didn't get one for anyone else . Oh well, time to call technical support for a free product. You know that's going to be a bundle o' joy!

Turns out all we had to do was uninstall flash and reinstall . F*ing brilliant I tell ya. Now it's back to writing some copy for a piece of plastic that spins automatic watches. I love this crap!!!