Tuesday, October 31, 2006

OMG Ugly Shoes for Women

So the following shoes show up in an email at work. The content of the email is something along the lines of: What do the women in the office think of these shoes as our new line of shoes for women? WTF!?!

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Pumpking Carving Contest at Work

Almost no one participated in the pumpkin carving contest at work. Could it be that most people are disgruntled with working here? Who knows. However, the art department put together some excellent work!

Checkout the Michael Myers jack-o-lantern

The pit bull jack-o-lantern

The Witch's & Devil's brew

Scary Ghosts

And the pitbull jack-o-lantern!

OOPS! I almost forgot about the ass-o-lantern :-P LOL

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Pumpking Carving Contest at Work

Almost no one participated in the pumpkin carving contest at work. Could it be that most people are disgruntled with working here? Who knows. However, the art department put together some excellent work!

Checkout the Michael Myers jack-o-lantern

The pit bull jack-o-lantern

The Witch's & Devil's brew

Scary Ghosts

And the pitbull jack-o-lantern!

OOPS! I almost forgot about the ass-o-lantern :-P LOL

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Stiffed at Circuit City

I'm standing in Circuit City waiting for the customer service rep to bring back my newly purchased Optoma DLP Projector. My back is getting a little soar from leaning on the counter with my right elbow, so I switch to the left elbow. The view of the other side of the store is no more entertaining than the other side. Perhaps if I switch to just leaning my back directly against the counter, I will find something more interesting. (sigh of relief) AHHHH! There we go: Monday Night Football. Great! New England is beating the crap out of Minnesota. It's a good ol' fashioned beat down on Monday night.

Wait! That's not why I'm here though. Where's my projector? The stock boy comes out from the back and tells me that they must have it on the floor. I continue to wait patiently. After all, I came here for that sweet Optoma HD70 that I blogged about earlier in the day. I'm waiting and waiting.

They must have it somewhere in the building. I received an email notification from circuitcity.com stating that the item was in stock at the Valencia store. I went by during lunch and they told me that there was one in stock. I just handed him my American Express 15 minutes ago, and it was still in stock. Finally, David comes back with the great news: "We don't have it in stock".

Now, here is what is rather humorous about this situation. There were three different sources that said the item was in stock: email notification, the website, and their very own inventory system at the store that was supposed to have it in stock. Yet nobody at the store can find the item. You just gotta laugh about a situation like that. I'm thinking that someone who works at the store is probably selling the thing on eBay right now for $800+ bucks. I'm wondering what would have happened if I had ordered this online and opted to pick it up from the store? Would it be more of a hassle to get them to charge back the card? Oh well, no Optoma HD70 for me, and certainly no sale for Circuit City.

The best part is that I received a customer survey print out on my original receipt. After I had David, the customer service rep, charge back my Amex, he handed back my original receipt. This is where I really get to enjoy the situation. Sure, I could have gotten pissed about the whole situation. I could have yelled at the poor guy behind the counter and told him that their inventory system was messed up. I could have made his night suck and his manager's night suck. What would be the point? Instead, I get to tell some guy who reads these surveys about how dissatisfying the experience was and hope that they send me a gift card or something like that for their screwup :-D

Here's something else that is funny and sad at the same time: circuitcity.com still shows the item as in stock at the Valencia store :-(


circuitcity.com Consumer Electronics

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Good ol' Fashioned Monday Night Blowout

I didn't see much of yesterday's game. But perhaps that's a good thing. If you listen carefully to the disclaimer on all NFL broadcasts, it states that depictions of the game without the express consent of the National Football League are strictly prohibited. So, hopefully I don't get in trouble for writing about last night's beat down of the Minnesota Vikings :-P

While I was waiting for the folks are Circuit City to pull my newly purchased projector from the stocking room (see yesterday's blog about projector deals and the blog about Getting stiffed at Circuit City), I caught portions of the game. Mostly what I saw was Tom Brady being Tom Brady. Or I could quote John Madden from a couple of seasons ago saying lame stuff like, "You know, Tom Brady is the Brett Favre of football."

Actually, I really enjoyed the fact that I was so far away from the screens that I couldn't hear the intriguing commentary for the game. I'm sure it was something along the lines of:

"In order for Minnesota to win this game, they are going to have to be able to get into the end zone."

- OR -

"If Minnesota is going to get back into this game, they are going to have to be able to stop New England and start putting some points on the board."

Wow! Really?!? I couldn't have guessed that one team would need to score more points than the other team in order to win the game! I love NFL announcers. Really, it doesn't matter whether they are on television or radio. They all posses an incredible knack for stating the obvious. Gotta love it.

NFL - New England Patriots/Minnesota Vikings Recap Monday October 30, 2006 - Yahoo! Sports

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Friggin Onions

For the love of God! Why the hell do onions have to smell so damned bad?!? I know that there are people out there that just love the smell of onions. If you are one of them, please drop me a line because I'd love to get your perspective on onions.

I had a Super Star @ Carl's Jr. during lunch today. I forgot to ask for no onions. When they brought the burger out, I didn't really think much about it. My mistake, I can easily just remove the onions from the under section of the burger where the rest of the vegetables are. Four hours later, I'm sitting here with this onion smell on my fingers. Now, I've washed my hands at least three times since then (I have severe tactile dysfunction), and the onion smell still lingers. I just can't get that onion smell off my fingers.

It's not like the smell of onions is all that bad. However, for some reason unknown to me, onions smell horrible on my hands. Is it some sort of enzyme that I have on my hands that makes the onions smell? Does anyone else have this problem? I have no idea, but the smell of onions on me reminds me of the smell of a gym that hasn't been washed in three weeks. Okay, perhaps that's an over exaggeration, but this smell is rather repugnant!

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Projector deals

Woot's got a pretty good deal on a good projector and 76" screen

Woot : One Day, One Deal

However, Circuit City still has one of the best projects for under $1,000. An Optoma HD70 Home Theater Projector

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WOOHOO!!! I'm on Blogger TOOHOO

I've turned into a blog nerd. I love this stuff. I've got blogs on wordpress & myspace. If you know of another blog site that is cool, please drop me a line! Peace -J

Saturday, October 28, 2006

Chimp Pacman

WTF! This Chimp plays Pacman better than I do?

Chimp plays Pacman... Pretty Well Video - FileCabi.net

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Attacking Turkeys

Checkout the videos on StrongIdea.com today! They've got turkeys on the attack to help sell a giant inflatable turkey. Where do they come up with this stuff?

Strong Idea - A Deal a Day

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The History Channel

The History Channel is the best damn channel on television. I've sitting here watching a show about the anti-Christ. It is mostly centered on dispensationalism. I love this stuff. I'd venture to guess that you could take any bits & pieces of the bible in order to prove whatever theory you might have about society.

They have another show on the History of Halloween coming up. Good stuff on The History Channel!

The History Channel - Home Page

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5th Place at Halloween Swing Thing

Jack & Jill dances are a funny thing. You randomly draw a series of partners through the first two rounds and then the top individual dancers end up making it to the finals, where you draw just one partner. The "best" couple then ends up with first place.

This Friday was great. I'm sitting in traffic @ 5:45PM on my way down to the event in Irvine. I'm at least another hour away. So I call my buddy Brent and ask him to register me since the event is at 7PM but you need to register an hour before the event. He gets everything taken care of. Huge thanks to Brent.

I wasn't thinking that I was going to do very well. It has been three weeks since the last time I went dancing, and two must since my last competition (which I didn't even make it into the finals for). This event is bigger than the last event I went to. I had no expections for even making it into the finals. It's not as if I had some great dances during the prelims or semis.

So I'm sitting in my chair at the event when they start calling out the 5 finalist. My regular shoes are on. I'm certainly not expecting them to call my name at all. The host calls out four men, and I'm not one of them. I figure that there is no way that I'm going to end up being the 5th person. Well, sure enough, #5 is me. I'm rushing to put my dance shoes on. I could hardly believe it.

Now, at this event, they run all their finals as spotlights. A spotlight dance is where you are the only couple on the floor and they stick a couple of spotlights on you while everyone watches. This is my first spotlight, my partner's (Tara) first major jack & jill, and we are friggin in the novice division. It was so much fun though. We had a great time, made plenty of mistakes; but still had a great time.

My friend Eddie (who I started doing Jack & Jills with earlier this year) and his partner (Deanna) ended up winning the thing! He's been putting a lot of effort into his West Coast Swing, and it definitely paid off this weekend. Congrats, Eddie!

Anyone looking for a good dance event during the Halloween weekend next year should definitely checkout HALLOWEEN SWINGTHING

Have a great Halloween weekend everyone. Mine has started off great!

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Got my laptop

First, Internet Explorer is the biggest POS (Piece Of Sh*t) on the face of the planet. The first time I posted this blog, ie posted an empty blog. Nice job crap sack.

Meanwhile, newegg.com has sweet deals on laptops. Five years ago, I purchased my first Toshiba laptop. That thing lasted for 4 years. I beat the crap out of it. I figured that it was about time for me to pickup a new laptop. I've been living with only an iMac for the last several months. I love my MAC, but I needed a PC too.

This new Toshiba has a fingerprint reader, so I feel all super nerdy right now. Widescreen display, touch scroll, and a whole bunch of other features I haven't even figured out yet. I read something about Bluetooth on this thing too. I need to see if I can BT because that would just be ultra nerdy!!! I was supposed to get a free laptop bag with the laptop. That is my only complaint about newegg. Hell, it was a free laptopt bag. I'll definitely have them send it to me, but at least it wasn't the other way around (send the bad w/o the laptop LOL).

I would definitely recommend newegg.com to anyone looking to purchase a laptop

Flock Rocks!!!

Flock — the social web browser

Flock is the coolest browser I've used to date. It integrates with all my blogs. Plus, it integrates with photobucket so I can just drag and drop pictures right into my blogs!!!

Now I just need to get me one of these:


Friday, October 27, 2006

Off to the Halloween Swing Thing

It's off to the Halloween Swing Thing in Irvine, CA for me. A weekend of dance workshops, competitionis, and late night dancing. This is going to be my first dance competition since the beginning of August, so I'm a lil rusty. It should be a lot of fun though. I love these events. I get to meet new people and learn cool new moves. Plus, nothing beats making a woman old enough to be my grandma smile on the dance floor because she feels great about herself.

You're Fired

So, I get this frantic IM from one of the people on my team (see transcript below, names have been changed to protect the innocent):

BK: jared i need to talk to you
Jared Tracy: what are you doing?
BK: dude
BK: A* is giving me a hard time and treathing me
Jared Tracy: I need some sheet metal
Jared Tracy: threatening you?
Jared Tracy: how?
BK: she is telling me im going to lose my job if the phone system is not installed by monday
BK: when she doesn't understand that htere was a delay
Jared Tracy: WTF
BK: becuase she fucken didn't sign for 2 weeks
BK: and she changed the fucking agreement like 3 times
Jared Tracy: I'm going to talk with that b*

Please set aside your judgment of the grammar and spelling on the part of BK. Clearly, he was frustrated and upset with the circumstances in which he found himself. I ended up going into a conference room with A* and conversing with her about the situation. It was clear that this wasn't going to solve the problem. Both BK and A* had different stories about the series of events that lead to BK's IMing me.

Long story short... Communication was cleared up between BK and A*. They almost gave each other a hug at the end of the meeting. The workplace is a beautiful thing!

Friday, October 20, 2006

Love Ride 2006

Love Ride 23 Online Sign-Up is NOW Open
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Folks, I just received an email today from the Love Ride Foundation about this year's event! Even if you don't ride, this event is worth it. I've been to 5 of these events before. Each year we have raise more and more money for local and national charities. AND we have a great time while we're helping people out. Checkout photos from last year's ride to see.

Here's the email I received today. I hope to see you there.

Improving the quality of life for those less fortunate

Love Ride 23

Online Sign Up is NOW open!

Save the date, Love Ride 23 is Sunday, November 12.

Sign-up now and

SAVE $5.00 per person!

Plus recieve the following package

Pre-Registration Package Includes:

* Love Ride 23 Admission including Lunch, Two Beverages, Concert and Trade Show.

* Love Ride 23 Pin

* Love Ride 23 Patch

* Love Ride 23 Bandana

* Love Ride Hot Wheel

* Early check-in is available Saturday, November 11 from 10am-3pm at Harley Davidson/Buell of Glendale, where you can receive the pre-registration package and any other incentives that you may qualify for. Pre-Registration check-in is also available Sunday, November 12 from 6am-10am at Harley Davidson/Buell of Glendale or Sunday, November 12 from 8am-3pm at Castaic Lake.

Do not miss out!

Sign-Up NOW

For more information and/or questions please visit us at www.loveride.org

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Talk Radio

Original blog on my myspace
So I'm driving home and I turn on the radio... crap... crap... crap... there's nothing on but crap. So I turn it to the local talk radio station 97.1 "Free FM". Whatever the hell that means. There is some guy on there talking about how small planes don't need flight plans and how the whole country is going to be attacked by terrorists flying small planes into buildings.

At first, I'm starting to think, "WOW! This guy is the biggest fucking moron I've ever heard." After all, I've been in a small plane with my older brother (he kicks ass, just checkout his website) before. We flew slightly off-course heading into Las Vegas once. Let me just tell you that when a air traffic controller is not sleeping, they know what is going on. And if you don't let them know exactly what you're doing when you get slightly off course, it is not going to be a pretty sight.

Long story short, the guy on the radio is offering up advice with his buddy on their radio show. What originally started as me thinking that this radio host is the biggest moron turned into me really thinking that he could have some good advice. After all, he could certainly give advice on how to be a blubbering imbecile and still manage to land a radio gig. Go figure. He's gotta take the cake for the biggest moron on radio.