Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Good ol' Fashioned Monday Night Blowout

I didn't see much of yesterday's game. But perhaps that's a good thing. If you listen carefully to the disclaimer on all NFL broadcasts, it states that depictions of the game without the express consent of the National Football League are strictly prohibited. So, hopefully I don't get in trouble for writing about last night's beat down of the Minnesota Vikings :-P

While I was waiting for the folks are Circuit City to pull my newly purchased projector from the stocking room (see yesterday's blog about projector deals and the blog about Getting stiffed at Circuit City), I caught portions of the game. Mostly what I saw was Tom Brady being Tom Brady. Or I could quote John Madden from a couple of seasons ago saying lame stuff like, "You know, Tom Brady is the Brett Favre of football."

Actually, I really enjoyed the fact that I was so far away from the screens that I couldn't hear the intriguing commentary for the game. I'm sure it was something along the lines of:

"In order for Minnesota to win this game, they are going to have to be able to get into the end zone."

- OR -

"If Minnesota is going to get back into this game, they are going to have to be able to stop New England and start putting some points on the board."

Wow! Really?!? I couldn't have guessed that one team would need to score more points than the other team in order to win the game! I love NFL announcers. Really, it doesn't matter whether they are on television or radio. They all posses an incredible knack for stating the obvious. Gotta love it.

NFL - New England Patriots/Minnesota Vikings Recap Monday October 30, 2006 - Yahoo! Sports

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