Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Talk Radio

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So I'm driving home and I turn on the radio... crap... crap... crap... there's nothing on but crap. So I turn it to the local talk radio station 97.1 "Free FM". Whatever the hell that means. There is some guy on there talking about how small planes don't need flight plans and how the whole country is going to be attacked by terrorists flying small planes into buildings.

At first, I'm starting to think, "WOW! This guy is the biggest fucking moron I've ever heard." After all, I've been in a small plane with my older brother (he kicks ass, just checkout his website) before. We flew slightly off-course heading into Las Vegas once. Let me just tell you that when a air traffic controller is not sleeping, they know what is going on. And if you don't let them know exactly what you're doing when you get slightly off course, it is not going to be a pretty sight.

Long story short, the guy on the radio is offering up advice with his buddy on their radio show. What originally started as me thinking that this radio host is the biggest moron turned into me really thinking that he could have some good advice. After all, he could certainly give advice on how to be a blubbering imbecile and still manage to land a radio gig. Go figure. He's gotta take the cake for the biggest moron on radio.

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