Thursday, November 30, 2006

One in the same

Yesterday, I posted a blog regarding a Wednesday morning's Adam Corolla show. A friend of mine from high school posted a very good question on my myspace version of the blog. I started off with a very simple explanation of "one & the same" vs. "one in the same", then realized that I should write a whole other blog about it. So here it is:

There is a difference between "one & the same" and "one in the same". People will argue that the original is "one & the same" and therefore "one in the same" is a phonetically butchered version of "one & the same". In my opinion, this is not the case. These two phrases mean different things.

The notion of "one & the same" implies that you and I (and everyone) are a single unit and that we are the same. To me, this creates a type of uniformity between all of us. While, I can agree with the single unit aspect of this phrase, I disagree with the uniformity. I do not believe that we are all the same. We are each unique human beings with different personalities, desires, experiences, etc. So, in my opinion, we are not one & the same.

I do believe that we are one in the same. In this phrase, we again imply that you and I (and everyone) are a single unit. So, what is meant by "in the same"? What I mean by "in the same" is simply humanity. Humanity implies no similarity other than that we are human beings: bipedal animals with a high degree of intelligence (most of the time).

What does humanity mean to me? It is the state of being humane, which implies empathy and compassion. To me, being empathetic requires an acute awareness of the experiences of others. I don't mean just knowing what someone did or said. Empathetic experiences are such that you actually experience another person's experience as if you were him/her. Empathy ties directly back into our oneness. True compassion is not possible absent of empathy. Compassion is essentially empathy coupled with the desire to alleviate the suffering of another. This too ties into our oneness in that the suffering of another is suffer for us all.

This bring us back to the very good question that my friend raised: "why is insulting black people with a racist word worse than insulting overweight people?" The answer is simple. Put yourself in the space of the world created by the N-word. What does this word really imply? What is the history behind this word? What are the emotions, the pain and suffering behind this word? What is really meant when one use the N-word? Really get present to the significance of this word. The N-word is not some inconsequential word. Behind the N-word is the essence of inequality, hatred, inhumanity, indignation, humiliation, and separation. The N-word is to separate one human from another such that we are not one. It is to make someone not human. The N-word is everything that is is not to be a part of humanity. What would it mean to any of us if someone were to rob us of our own place within humanity? That is what it means when you call someone the N-word.

I don't mean to suggest that insulting someone about being overweight is not hurtful. I don't mean to invalidate the cruelty of insulting someone based upon their weight. I am merely saying that I am willing to take responsibility for what the N-word means in the world and not relegate the N-word to the same status as "cracker" or "fat ass". To me, the use of the N-word is to dishonor what it means to be human.

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Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Lawyer vs. Sewer

Michael Richards is giving a whole new meaning to Kramer vs. Kramer. With his racist rant on stage the other day, everyone got to see a very sick side of Michael Richards. His follow up apology on The Late Show with David Letterman was a poor attempt by Jerry Seinfeld to help his friend out (as well as his Season 7 DVD sales). When Kramer kept referring to "Afro Americans" I just sat there thinking, "This guy has some serious pent up anger." He might as well have just used the N-word again. Kramer is an ass

I'd venture to guess that Michael Richards doesn't even distinguish between any shades of dark skin. He'd probably use the N-word to describe people with dark skin who don't even have roots in African, and he'd probably still refer to them as Afro Americans. Afro what? Of course, we all descended from Africa anyway, but I digress. The point is that Michael Richards' blow up at the Laugh Factory the other day was not to be blamed on alcohol or heckling. He just doesn't like black folk, it's as simple as that.

I don't think I will ever have enough to say about my disgust for Michael Richards. However, this blog is not about Kramer. This blog is about the Adam Corolla interview with Gloria Allred this morning. Adam brought up what he thought to be a very legitimate "logical" argument: Would Gloria be sewing if Kramer had exploded into a rant against fat people? Now, Adam and his crew felt like they had a reasonable argument. Certainly, calling an overweight person terms such as lard ass, fat ass, fat f*ck, etc are all derogatory terms aimed at hurting the feelings of someone overweight.

The problem with Adam's argument is that the United States Capital was not the auction house for selling fat people 200 years ago. The constitution of the United States of American did articulate the voting rights of people who owned fat people. The US Constitution did not have to be amended to provide fat people with the basic human right of freedom. More recently, the National Guard of Alabama did not have to have a stand off with State Troopers at a state run university when fat people attended the university. Bathrooms, dance halls, and restaurants were not separated into the fat people section and the non-fat people section. The United States government did not infect thousands of fat people with syphilis in order to measure the effects of the disease on fat people. The term fat ass is not derived from some racist southerner's lack of education on how to pronounce the country of origin of the fat person.

When he posed the question to Gloria Allred about whether she would be filing a lawsuit against Michael Richards if he went on a rant against fat people... I was surprised that she didn't tell just him that it's not the same thing. Sorry, Adam Corolla. If you want to call it the race card, that's your problem. Calling someone a fat f*ck is nothing like calling them the N-word. Although, just imagine what it would be like if Kramer called the guys fat a$$ f*cking N*s.

What I think is interesting is the proposal that Gloria Allred has put forth: An apology between in front of a retired judge by Kramer to the audience members (Kyle Doss and Frank McBride) at the Laugh Factory. The judge would then decide whether Michael Richards should pay any money for the pain he inflicted. I like the idea of the apology, but what really needs to happen is that Kramer needs help. What surfaced that evening is some deep routed anger that his pocketbook is not going to make any difference with. But how do you get someone to not be an angry racist? Perhaps one day, Kramer will realize that we are all one in the same.

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Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Where are the cool gifts?

product imageI'm sitting here thinking about what to get people for Xmas this year. I think I'm just going to go the gift card route. Seriously, there's nothing that impressive out there.

Well, there is one cool little toy that would be nice to have, but that's the problem. See, I want the R2D2 droid from Hammacher Schlemmer (apparently, Shaper Image has it too). Hell! Did I spell that correctly? Anyway, I can't possibly get the droid for someone else. I want that for myself (hint, hint friends and family who have 120 bucks to spend on me this holiday season who read my blog!)

Click here for DetailsSo where does that leave my gift shopping for others? I know I'm going to get my nephew the R/C kite from Gadget Universe. The kids are the easy ones to shop for. I'll probably drop 20 grand on my nephew because there are plenty of cool toys for a cool five year old kid. However, what the hell am I going to get the adults in my life? I think I might just cop out and get all the men those Gravity Defyer shoes from Gadget Universe. Shoes with springs in them! Gotta love it.

Then there are the females. I have my mom, my three sisters (although one of them is far away so I can escape that way), and a handful of other great women in my life. Do I just goto Bath & Body Works to get them all some gift cards? That's not going to sound like me telling them that I think they smell, right? I would think Victoria's Secret, but I'm a little disturbed with the thought of getting my mom a card to a lingerie shop. Then again, they do have their Fashion Show coming up December 5.

I give up. It's John Mayer CDs for everyone.

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Global Surveyor is still around?

I totally forgot about the little bastard Global Surveyor. Apparently, NASA is again talking about how much work this thing has done and how they are going stop using it. Something tells me that there are Martians sitting there fixing the machine every time it stops for a rest. Why else would it have lasted so long? Clearly it is the aliens.

Farewell Tiny Dancer: Mars Global Surveyor May Be at Mission's End | Science Blog

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Monday, November 27, 2006

Arrogant teachers

I'm not sure what was in the air around teachers during the early part of 1994. During the same time as the letter below (1994), I had a teacher argue with me over whether one private citizen could sue another private citizen for violating his "civil rights". The evening after I argued with my teacher in front of the class, I spoke with my father regarding this subject.

My father was going to the law library that evening anyway, so he took a little extra time to find me the exact law regarding this particular subject. Clearly stated in the letter of the law was the term "color of state". This term essentially means that civil rights violations apply to the state and local government and government agencies, not an average citizen like you or me.

I brought in the copy of the law that my father had made for me and handed it to my teacher. He apologized in front of everyone and then thanked me for taking the initiative to follow through on the pursuit of education.

Well, this wasn't the case with the teacher at some school in some town, who knows where? Just take a look at this letter posted on entensity. - Post Images

I had to do a double take when I read this. WHAT!?! My favorite part is the second to last paragraph:

Although he was correct, Alex's actions show a blatant disregard for authority, and a complete lack of respect for his school. In the future, Alex would be better off simply accepting my teachings without resistance.

Honestly, this is impressive. I give this teacher the honorary 1994 lame a$$ of the year award. Thank gawd for kids like Alex. Thank gawd that there are people who are not willing to just listen to an arrogant teacher who believes that we should simply accept his/her "teachings without resistance." Thank gawd that we have people who are willing to stand up to authority figures who are clearly in the wrong.

While this is a rather trivial issue (especially since the great metric takeover never took place), it is an excellent example of the arrogance of some teachers. By no means am I suggesting that all teachers are like this. As my example from my own schooling shows, there are teachers who are willing to support the pursuit of education rather than their own ego and control issues.

Damn! Now I need to go find my inner peace. This kind of stuff really gets me riled up. I hope Alex's teachers brought this letter to the principal's attention. If that didn't work, I hope they brought it to the super intendant's attention. If that didn't work, I hope they brought it to the state board of education. If that didn't work, I hope they stated civil unrest in whatever town they were in! Alright, I think I've vented enough. My inner fields of daisies have been found. :-D

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Lindy wins the 2006 US Open Showcase Champion

There's a bit of a rivalry between Lindy Hop and West Coast Swing. Hoppers, as Lindy Hop dancers are sometimes called, claim that West Coast Swing is slow and for old people, while the West Coast Swing dancers (sometimes referred to as westies) claim that Hoppers lack technique and smoothness). The rivalry is mostly playful, but it is playful in a Cold War kind of way. Well, the best thing for both styles of swing dance happened this weekend: A Lindy routine won the Showcase division of the US Open of Swing Dance.

Despite the title "Open", the US Open of Swing Dance is primarily a West Coast Swing event. People will cite various reasons for this. My opinion is that the West Coast Swing performances have been much better than the Lindy Hop performances over the last couple of decades. Since West Coast has consistently won the US Open titles, the Hoppers have slowly stopped showing up to the event. That is, until Ben Morris came to town (yes, Ben has been around for a while, but I'm trying to add some draaama to this story).

At the young age of 3 months (I keed, I keed, but Ben is very young), Ben is already an accomplished Lindy Hopper AND West Coast Swing dancer. Now, this talented cross-over performer has won the Hope Diamond of the Swing Dance world. The Showcase Division of the US Open has recently seen winners such as "So You Think You Can Dance" winner, Benji Schiwmmer and his partner Heidi Groskreutz (also a SYTYCD finalist) and "30 Seconds of Fame" winners, Jordan Frisbee and Tatiana Mollman. Past US Open championships have sported the likes of Mary Ann Nunez and Robert Royston.

I know there are many other swing dance legends from the past that I'm not mentioning here because I don't know them off the top of my head. I'm not professing to be an expert on US Open history. The point is that Ben has accomplished something great here. This is not just because he had a wonderful performance. It is also because he brought Lindy back to life at the US Open. Huge congratulations to Ben Morris on his Showcase win at the 2006 US Open Swing Dance Championships.

Click here for the complete 2006 US Open results

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Alternative Fuel

My friend Keen sent me the following Alternative Fuel Station Locator. Then we got to talking about the various alternative fuels. The conversation transitioned to hybrid vehicles. The big question being: What do we do with the giant batteries in the hybrid vehicles and how long does it take for those to bio-degrade?

Clearly, hybrids and electric vehicles are not the best direction to go. The electricity needs to be developed somewhere or the batteries need to be disposed of somewhere. My idea of just taking the materials into the dessert, burying them, and then nuking them was not well received. So, we came up with another alternative fuel: hemp.

Road rage would drop to nothing. In fact, people would enjoy getting cutoff on the freeway by the old piece of $hit car with tons of smoke coming out the tailpipe. Gridlock would be something that we all look forward to. And just imagine how many more people will want to park in parking structures. Also, suicide by way of auto emissions would be a thing of the past. In fact, anyone trying to kill themselves that way would probably cure their depression. We have hemp clothing, ropes, soap, etc. Why not have a hemp powered vehicle?

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Who the Hell are the Beatles?

Has anyone heard of this band, "The Beatles"? I suppose that after having realized that there was a human on Earth who has not already purchased a Beatles cd, iTunes was the next step towards world domination for the Beatles. You know, I don't see Jesus on iTunes. Maybe Lennon was right

Original blog posted on CrunchGear from a CNN article
Beatles Coming to iTunes?

After years of deliberation and resistance from Beatles management, it appears that a deal may soon be struck to bring Beatles music to digital formats for MP3 player consumption. Oddly, speculation currently indicates that the Beatles might first be released exclusively on iTunes. No word as to when, but David Munns. the head of EMI, has said it will be “soon.”

Users can currently search through Beatles albums on both iTunes and the Zune Marketplace, but neither store has an option to purchase. This amuses me immensely since in his piece “Trying Out the Zune: IPod It’s Not,” David Pogue gleefully wrote of the Zune Marketplace:

At the very attractive but dog-slow Zune store, for example, you can either buy songs ($1 each) or rent them (unlimited songs for $15 a month). But Microsoft’s store doesn’t sell TV shows, movies or audio books. The music catalog is much smaller — 2 million vs. 3.5 million on iTunes — a fact that Microsoft ham-handedly tries to conceal by listing stuff that it doesn’t actually sell, like Beatles albums.

I guess when Apple does it it’s not a ham-handed concealment, but rather a clever lifestyle alternative for Mac fanboys to rally behind. At any rate, it seems Apple is currently hammering out the exclusivity term that will secure the Beatles on iTunes for an undisclosed period of time. Seems like a foolish move on behalf of Beatles management though. The Beatles should be released simultaneously onto all mediums, not exclusively onto one.

Beatles: only on iPod? [CNN Money]

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Friday, November 24, 2006

Kiwi Ambition

The symbolism of this movie is incredible. While cute and innocent, the kiwi is not immune to the trappings of desire and want. Please watch this Kiwi animation

Kiwi! »

A few questions are raised by this short film. First, how far is one willing to go in order to have what is wanted in life? Clearly, the Kiwi has gone beyond what is ordinary in his life in order to achieve a goal. In fact, a singular goal that he is willing to sacrifice his existence for. A goal that he clearly feels is his innate right as a bird to have but cannot because he does not have the faculties in which to experience this.

The next question is what has it for us to want something so bad that we are willing to sacrifice our existence in order to have it. Yes, the animation involves a flightless bird who will stop at nothing in order to have the experience of flying. It is just a bird and just an animation. Yet, we human beings kill ourselves regularly in pursuit of the same "innate desires". Literally, he has sacrificed his life in order to have the experience that he could not have from birth. Yet, he feels strongly enough about this desire to fly that he is willing to kill himself for the experience.

In his pursuit of flight, the kiwi was already dead. His entire life was spent pursuing something that he felt was his innate right of which he was robbed, having been born a kiwi, a flightless bird. Rather than being happy with what he does actually have in life, he focused on his wants so much that he became blind to the fact that he was ultimately going to kill himself.

None of this makes the kiwi, or humans, in pursuit of an innate desire bad or wrong. But it does raise the question for me as to where I am killing myself off in my pursuits of my innate desires. This short film is more than just a cute commentary on a flightless bird. Yes, kiwis are cute. I've seen them up close and personal. They are adorable birds. However, this animation (cleverly disguised as a cute film) is a powerful representation of just how insane we can be in our pursuit of our "innate desires".

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Colts are still undefeated

It was almost seven days ago, but it is still funny to poke fun at the poor performance of the Colts last Sunday. Rather than trying to come up with something witty myself, I'll just ripoff The Onion:

Colts Claim To Still Be Undefeated: 'We Beat Ourselves'

November 23, 2006

| Onion Sports

Colts players and coaches informed reporters that their team still
remains undefeated despite their poor showing against the Dallas
Cowboys last Sunday, claiming that the Colts had in fact beaten
themselves with a poor offense and a defense that collapsed in the
latter part of the second half and had, therefore, technically won.
"Let's get this straight—the only team capable of beating the
Indianapolis Colts is the Indianapolis Colts. And, since we clearly did
so, it follows logically that we're still undefeated," said Colts head
coach Tony Dungy during a post-game press conference, adding that he is
pleased that his team is still leading the American Football Conference
by two games. "I have to tell you, it feels good to be 10-0. It might
not have been pretty, but a win's a win." Dungy said he has already
told his players to forget about this week's victory, and stressed that
he was concentrating on making the playoffs and "hardly wasting any
time whatsoever" thinking about staying undefeated.

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Wicked Headspin guy

Occasionally, there are videos that make me think, "There is no way this can be real!" This head spinner if off the hook! Check it out.

YouTube - Master of Headspin

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Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Rehashed: The Week in Odor

Original blog from my myspace

This blog is NOT for the faint of heart!!! DO NOT READ if you did not laugh your ass off when Lloyd Christmas was lighting his farts on fire in Dumb & Dumber

This week has been, perhaps, one of the most odorific weeks in recorded history! Some of you may have read my blog from yesterday regarding one of my dogs farting, but that is only a part of the splendor I have smelt this week.

It all started Monday when a coworker of mine emitted the most unholy of anti-Christ gas in modern history. Initially, he vehemently denied his actions, but finally copped to it when confronted by several other workers. He took the dubious honors of having launched a most heinous air biscuit.

No later than 30 minutes, the entire second floor was engulfed in the most rancid stench known to man. Apparently, a fish somehow crawled into the air ducts and proceeded to decompose at a very rapid rate. Well, at least that's what it smelled like. A few of us on the second floor evacuated to safety. When we returned, several of the girls on the second floor had gone around spraying perfume to cover the smell. The combination of rotting fish and perfume just smelled like a really bad hooker. This lasted for a solid 15 minutes or so. No one ever figured out where the smell came from. I believe it might have been consequences of the Bermuda Triangle.

If you read my blog from yesterday, you know that one of my dogs floated an air biscuit that could have choked an elephant. However, this was nothing compared to the now infamous gassing of Thursday, January 26, 2006! Whilst attending a West Coast Swing Dance class this evening, the guy in the front of me in the rotation launched a series of silos with no regard for human life whatsoever. I have to believe that the bacteria in his colon cannot be of this earth. It most certainly is not your garden variety intestinal flora. He proceeded to launch this attack on our olfactory neurons not once! NOT TWICE! NOT THRICE! But four times during the span of just 20 minutes.

The second silo was the most devious of them all; not because of the particular blend of decadent colon matter. No! Indeed, it was the timing of the second attack... what I have called the sneak attack. Just moments after the wonderful
West Coast Swing Dance instructor called on the men to rotate to the
next partner, the son of a bitch launched the Pearl Harbor of farts (which stunk up the studio more than Ben Affleck in the movie).

I arrived at precisely the same time as the heat from his retched loin burger. YES! That is correct, me and the fart got to the girl's space at the same time. Not only did I have to suffer the humiliation of being thought of as "the fart guy", but I had to dance around in this dude's ass nebula while the girl was thinking I'm "the fart guy".

All is well that ends well though. After rotating through the girls enough times, they realized who was really performing the sphincter evictions. Twas not I. Has anything like this ever happened to you?

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Jesus can pitch me Viagra but I can't get that important vendor email

I must admit that receiving an email from Jesus was exciting at first. I began thinking that perhaps I had found my salvation. Then I started freaking out!

Crap! I wasn't exactly righteous when I stole that handicap parking space the other day! Surely, I'll be going to hell for that one. I told my brother from PA that I was going to hangout with him on Monday... Holy crap! I'm going to hell for that one.

Perhaps this email from Jesus is not such a good thing after all. F* this salvation stuff. There will be no salvation for me. Oh well, what else is there for me to do other than just goto hell now? Wait a minute. This is from Jesus Ellis, not JC. WTF! He's pitching Viagra. Damn. Let's hope this is the only time I get stiffed by Jesus.

Meanwhile, where the hell is my email from an advertising vendor that I've been waiting for? Perhaps that unholy email is stuck somewhere in limbo.

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Windows Mobile or PC Therapy?

Now that I have a PC laptop, I have started to sync my Windoze mobile 5.0 telephone with my PC at work, my iMac at home, and my laptop. Every since I started syncing it with two PC devices, things have been strange. Whenever I plug my phone into my PC at work, it thinks that it is a new device... EVERYTIME.

Now, I think it's rather interesting that I can sync a PC and a MAC without causing any problems between the two. Yet, syncing two PCs results in one of those PCs having some sort of inferiority complex about the other PC. I put the PC that was having the problem into therapy. The following is a transcript of the session:

Therapist (T): Tell me about your mother
PC: Well, I'm not really sure who my mother is
T: AH HA! I see. Well, this is a rather simple case. It is your early loss of your mother that was so traumatizing that you have blocked out the memories of her. This detachment has caused you to dissociate from others in life, and you find it difficult to have relationships with others if you feel like you must share them with someone else.
PC: WTF. I don't think that's the case. I'm a PC, and I don't believe that I have a mother.
T: You have no mother at all?
PC: Well, I have a motherboard
T: Tell me about this mother... board
PC: Well, it sits inside me and is really vital to my operation
T: Tell me more about how vital your mother... board is to your operation
PC: Well, it's pretty simple. My motherboard controls just about everything that takes place in my life.
T: AH HA! You feel that your mother is a control freak so you act out in such a way to show her that you are your own person. You act out in ways that allow others to know who you are. You act out against others so that they will give you attention separate from your mother.
PC: Um, I don't agree with that
T: Denial is not just a river in Egypt
PC: No, seriously, dude. This is just a big waste of my CPU
T: Tell me about this CPU
PC: No, really. I just think this is a waste of my time. You want me to break down and start crying because I have some deep attachment to my motherboard. Well, I'm a PC, man! I can't help it.
T: AH HA! Your identity is deeply ingrained within how you relate to yourself. Your fear of your controlling mother had led to you hating your own mother. You must unlearn what you have come to know about yourself.
PC: Okay, Yoda.
T: What you know about yourself is only what you think you know.
PC: Okay, VH1's Driven
T: Does taking shots at me like that provide you with validation for yourself?
PC: Dude, you're a quack.
T: Questioning my qualifications is only you resisting the healing process. You are lovable regardless of how you act out against others.
PC: F* it. This is going nowhere. I'm just going to leave this virus on this USB device. Whenever you get a chance to plug it into your desktop, that would be just great

As you can see, my PC at work has some deep seeded issues that might just take years of work to get around. Or, perhaps a dose of Windows Vista might help. Only time will tell.

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Custom Built PS3

I'm sure the link on eBay will be dead by the time you are reading this. Thank Gawd for screen print!

Pimp my PS3. Checkout the tricked out PS3 in close up!

LOL That's funny stuff

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Tuesday, November 21, 2006

I must be part Chimp

The following popped up under my RSS feed for the Science Blog:

Male chimpanzees prefer mating with old females

Researchers studying chimpanzee mating preferences have found that although male chimpanzees prefer some females over others, they prefer older, not younger, females as mates. The findings uncover a stark contrast between chimpanzee behavior and that of humans, their primate cousins. The basis for this difference may lie in the fact that whereas chimpanzees participate in a relatively promiscuous mating system, humans form unusually long-term mating bonds, thereby making young females more valuable as mates with greater reproductive potential.

read more

I always knew humans were closely related to chimps, but this really hits home. I've always dug the older women. I never really knew what the reasons where. At times, I thought it was because women were like fine wine, but I now realize that it is because of a primate trait. What can I say! I inherited it :-D

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Big Ben LED Clock Gets Some (more) Press Time on Gizmodo

The Gadget Universe Big Ben LED Clock get's a lil more exposure on Gizmodo!


Big Ben LED Wall Clock for Stoners and Myopicsbigben_led_clock1.jpgGood god, do you think this Big Ben LED Wall Clock is going to be big enough? Well, after you've smoked a couple of Thanksgiving doobs you're probably going to need a timepiece this big to tell you that it's already 4:20, dude.The thing is an expansive three feet wide and looks to us like it could double as a scoreboard at a football stadium. It's all yours for $94.95. – Charlie White

Big Ben LED Wall Clock for Stoners and Myopics - Gizmodo

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Sports Nerds unite on San Diego Chargers and a lil USC love too

I read two great articles on ESPN this afternoon. First, - NFL - Pasquarelli: No debating this draft-day deal. Really, I couldn't have said it any better myself. I must admit that I was thinking WTF when San Diego pulled the 2001 deal with Vick and Tomlinson. A couple years later, I had already forgotten about it because the Chargers were well on their way to being a quality team.

Then there was the Eli fiasco. When the Chargers decapitated Eli and crew in their first meeting since Eli's whinny bitch about San Diego, I was pleased. Eli has classic little brother syndrome because he feels like he needs to be better than Peyton. (personal message to Eli) Dude, get over it. It's a friggin game. Your older brother is better than you. You are still a good quarter back, but big brother is better. Sorry, dude.

Enough about the Eli-Rivers story and the Vick-Tomlinson story. Let's talk about the Week 12 power rankings! That's right! San Diego is at the top, BABY! Of course the Power Rankings are about as useful as the BSC (er, I mean BCS) rating system. Well, except that the Chargers will make it to the playoffs and any championship games based upon their own merit, not some system of numbers that appears to be designed to keep USC from being ranked in the top two positions. Can anyone say 2003?

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I Love the Internet

It didn't even take one day for the infamous Kramer racist comedy blow-up to get posted on the Internet.

YouTube - Kramer's racist tirade

Kramer ended up apologizing on The Late Show on Monday, but I can't help but wonder if this would have even made news if it weren't for the Internet allowing the information to spread so quickly to millions of people. In fact, I had seen this on the web before I had even heard about it on any news station.

What's great about this is that we get to see it for ourselves, not through the narration of some blow hard news reporter. Thanks to the guy at Laugh Factory for recording this and allowing us to see. And thanks to the audience for walking out on this crap.

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Monday, November 20, 2006

Sharing is Caring (continued)

I had the bright idea of hooking up a third computer to my synergy configuration. My friend, Vadim, has his computer just behind mine in the office. So, I added his machine to my configuration. It was wicked! My mouse hopped effortlessly between my desktop to my laptop to Vadim's desktop! Sweet! Now, I just need him to bring in his laptop so I can hop between all for machines and then allow there to be a loop from the last machine to the first machine. Yes, I'm nerdy!

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Thanks[ ]giving comedy at the office

The holiday comedy is starting early at the office here. The following is an email sent from the CFO of the company to all employees:


The company will be closed at 11/23/06 Thanks Giving day and re-open at Friday 11/24/06.

Any one who doesn’t show in Friday will not be paid for Friday and will not allow substituting this un-paid Friday by any allowance pay day you are eligible for. (sick employee with doctor’s notes does not apply)

Happy Thanks Giving !!!!!

And a Happy Thanks[ ]giving to you too :-D

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Sunday, November 19, 2006

Airports with Free WiFi

You gotta love the wiki concept!

Free wifi airports - - Small Business Resources

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I've sold my soul to the devil

I thought I was going to stay safe. It's not like the .NET framework is completely necessary in order to have a fully functional and efficient Windoze system. Yet, there are a few apps here and there that require the .NET framework. As I type this, the dreaded .NET framework is being installed on my machine. For all I know, this could be the last blog I type from my laptop. For all I know, my machine could spontaneously implode into a super massive black hole. Lord knows that I'm guaranteed to need to install even more security updates from Windows Update each week. Lord knows my friggin virus protection software is going to be working overtime now. Of course, this will certainly help the performance of my Windoze machine. Damn you blogging software that requires .NET framework.

LOL. So when the installation finished, it told me that I should make sure I download the latest security updates. Let's just go check and see how many security updates I need now... HEY! Only two security updates needed for the .Net Framework. Good job guys! :-D

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A good day in blogging!!!

This is an update to my blog from the other day: A Depressing Day in Blogging. As is evident in my latest blog (I've sold my soul to the devil), I am able to blog to Wordpress with Flock again! What's great about all of this is that I simply went onto the forum and posted the information necessary for the folks at Wordpress to resolve the problem. I know that others supported them with information as well, but I do know that my contribution helped.

It's this kind of support that is the reason that I believe everyone should have at least one WordPress blog. Sign up today! Even if you have another blog on another service (like me on blogger and me on livejournal), WordPress is friggin great!

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Saturday, November 18, 2006

The Last of the Ticket Buyers

It's not quite the same as the Last Samurai or Last of the Mohicans. Yet, I feel as important as Tom Cruise and Daniel Day Lewis. This afternoon, I purchased the final ticket for the US Open Swing Dance Championships this Thanksgiving weekend! Yes, the very last ticket available. Now, I know that there have been some tickets floating around the Internet, and there were rumors that Sonny Watson had some, and then it was Jack Smith. I followed those leads, and those tickets were gone too!

Sure, I don't have the best seats in the house. In fact, it looks like I have one of the worst seats in the house. I'm on the right side, front row. You might be thinking, "First row is great!" Just looking at the seating chart, I'm not so sure about it. Still! I've got a friggin ticket! This means that I get to see all the great performances by the Super Stars of swing. I wonder if So You Think You Can Dance Season Two winner, Benji Schwimmer, will be there?

Of course, there are also the myriad of workshops available to Platinum ticket holders such as myself. Workshops with swing dance greats such as Mary Ann Nunez, Robert Royston, Jordan & Tatiana, and Parker & Jessica. Then there are all the crazy competitions and all the open dancing. The schedule is packed full of great dancers. Now, I just need to get myself a hotel room.

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Friday, November 17, 2006

The Last of the Ticket Buyers

It's not quite the same as the Last Samurai or Last of the Mohicans. Yet, I feel as important as Tom Cruise and Daniel Day Lewis. This afternoon, I purchased the final ticket for the US Open Swing Dance Championships this Thanksgiving weekend! Yes, the very last ticket available. Now, I know that there have been some tickets floating around the Internet, and there were rumors that Sonny Watson had some, and then it was Jack Smith. I followed those leads, and those tickets were gone too!

Sure, I don't have the best seats in the house. In fact, it looks like I have one of the worst seats in the house. I'm on the right side, front row. You might be thinking, "First row is great!" Just looking at the seating chart, I'm not so sure about it. Still! I've got a friggin ticket! This means that I get to see all the great performances by the Super Stars of swing. I wonder if So You Think You Can Dance Season Two winner, Benji Schwimmer, will be there?

Of course, there are also the myriad of workshops available to Platinum ticket holders such as myself. Workshops with swing dance greats such as Mary Ann Nunez, Robert Royston, Jordan & Tatiana, and Parker & Jessica. Then there are all the crazy competitions and all the open dancing. The schedule is packed full of great dancers. Now, I just need to get myself a hotel room.

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The End is NEAR!!!

For the love of GAWD! I'm sitting here writing a blog using my favorite web browser (flock) on my favorite blog service (Wordpress). Along comes some stupid update to the Wordpress system and all my sh*t is just f*ed up! I can't even browse the website using flock, and all my posts on wordpress... Well, let's just say I can't really access them. I'm going to have to start using that IE7 crap, and a web-based blog editor.

Or how about this!?! I'll just switch all my stuff over the blogger. Damn! I was blogging along fine for two solid weeks on WordPress. I have 5 pages of blogs for the month of November. I'm a blog whore. Now... Well, sucks to be me.

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WOW Circuit City has a laptop under $100

I'm not sure if I'm going to fall for this again. My last experience with great price deals @ Circuit City was a total waste of time (see Stiffed at Circuit City).

It's great, the follow-up from Circuit City on my Consumer Survey??? Nothing. No, "sorry for the false advertising." No, "sorry for blatantly trying to get you to purchase the more expensive item by advertising a ghost model." No, "sorry for jacking you around for 30 minutes while we search for our fraud product."

Sorry, folks. I'd recommend staying away from Circuit City on this deal. However, if you do have a good experience, please feel free to share it, along with pictures. Thanks.

Original story posted on Engadget
Circuit City to sell $100 Compaq laptop on Black Friday

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With all this talk about OLPC's mythical $100 laptop, it was only a matter of time before a more established brand-name company tried its hand at pulling off a similar trick without NickNeg and company. CNET reports that Circuit City will be selling a Compaq Presario model on Black Friday (that's the day after Thanksgiving, or November 24, for you non-Yanks) for $100, sorta. If you agree to get a Vonage subscription for a year and can handle the assorted rebates, then this lappy is yours for a Benjamin. That's not such a bad deal, considering it comes with a Celeron M 420 CPU, 15-inch screen, DVD and CD burner, 512MB RAM and a 60GB hard drive. Of course this isn't the first time that we've seen rebates drive down computer prices so much -- there was the HP setup that we saw over Labor Day, which included a CRT, and a burner for the same price after rebates too -- but a laptop is something to take stock of. It's very tempting, but we'll wait until the price drops that low organically, sans rebates and subscription plans, thanks.

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Thursday, November 16, 2006

Onions Give me heartburn

... but the ONION makes me laugh :-D Not only do they take a shot a Madden but also the Raiders, so you gotta love 'em for it

The Onion

John Madden Reminds Viewers Of Importance Of Quarterback To NFL Teams

DENVER—Color commentator John Madden spent the third quarter of the San Diego Chargers-Denver Broncos game explaining exactly how important...

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I will believe it when I see it

Microsoft staying true to an agreed upon standard! I'll believe it when I see it. I'm still waiting for that CSS support :-(

Original article posted on techcrunch
Google, Yahoo and Microsoft Agree to Standard Sitemaps Protocol

In an encouraging act of collaboration, Google, Yahoo and Microsoft announced tonight that they will all begin using the same Sitemaps protocol to index sites around the web. Now based at, the system instructs web masters on how to install an XML file on their servers that all three engines can use to track updates to pages. This should make it easier to get your pages indexed in a simple and standardized way. People who use Google Sitemaps don’t need to change anything, those maps will now be indexed by Yahoo and Microsoft.

The protocol is offered under an Attribution-ShareAlike Creative Commons License, so it can be used by any search engine, derivative variations using the same license can be created and it can be used for commercial purposes.

Any time competitors agree on open standards, that’s an enabler of further innovation and something to celebrate. It’s also great to see Creative Commons receiving all the more validation.

Search engine guru Danny Sullivan wrote the following tonight about the move.

Overall, I’m thrilled. It took nearly a decade for the search engines to go from unifying around standards for blocking spidering and making page description to agreeing on the nofollow attribute for links in January 2005. A wait of nearly two years for the next unified move is a long time, but far less than 10 and progress that’s very welcomed. I applaud the three search engines for all coming together and look forward to more to come.

Several people have made early public statements indicating that the next move will be to develop meaningful standards support for robots.txt files. Imagine a future when these players agree on standards for user control of data, microformats or truly neutral party click-fraud tracking and prevention. Maybe that’s crazy.

Crunch Network: CrunchGear drool over the sexiest new gadgets and hardware.

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