Monday, November 27, 2006

Alternative Fuel

My friend Keen sent me the following Alternative Fuel Station Locator. Then we got to talking about the various alternative fuels. The conversation transitioned to hybrid vehicles. The big question being: What do we do with the giant batteries in the hybrid vehicles and how long does it take for those to bio-degrade?

Clearly, hybrids and electric vehicles are not the best direction to go. The electricity needs to be developed somewhere or the batteries need to be disposed of somewhere. My idea of just taking the materials into the dessert, burying them, and then nuking them was not well received. So, we came up with another alternative fuel: hemp.

Road rage would drop to nothing. In fact, people would enjoy getting cutoff on the freeway by the old piece of $hit car with tons of smoke coming out the tailpipe. Gridlock would be something that we all look forward to. And just imagine how many more people will want to park in parking structures. Also, suicide by way of auto emissions would be a thing of the past. In fact, anyone trying to kill themselves that way would probably cure their depression. We have hemp clothing, ropes, soap, etc. Why not have a hemp powered vehicle?

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