Saturday, November 04, 2006

First Blog of the Weekend

This is my first weekend blog. I have lots of stuff planned for tonight. Of course, it all boils down to the 4th Movie Night installment: Office Space. This will be the most feature rich movie night yet. I have my own projector, which is capable of spitting out 720p. Prior to last night it was going to be yet another great picture with crap sound Movie Night. That all changed when I was standing in Costco looking at their Home Teather systems. I called up my friend Vadim (just kidding about the link. His myspace is here).

He looked up the systems I was looking at and helped me figure out what would be the best option. By 10PM, I was watching X2 with such rockin' sound that I thought Wolverine was going to get all Anger Management on me.

Not that Office Space is filled with HD features or anything. And it's not like Blazing Saddles is filled with HD features either. But I'm thinking that January's movie night is going to need to be something wickedly HD. Perhaps The Matrix or Xmen. We'll see.
Costco Sony Home Theater System

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