Tuesday, November 21, 2006

I must be part Chimp

The following popped up under my RSS feed for the Science Blog:

Male chimpanzees prefer mating with old females

Researchers studying chimpanzee mating preferences have found that although male chimpanzees prefer some females over others, they prefer older, not younger, females as mates. The findings uncover a stark contrast between chimpanzee behavior and that of humans, their primate cousins. The basis for this difference may lie in the fact that whereas chimpanzees participate in a relatively promiscuous mating system, humans form unusually long-term mating bonds, thereby making young females more valuable as mates with greater reproductive potential.

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I always knew humans were closely related to chimps, but this really hits home. I've always dug the older women. I never really knew what the reasons where. At times, I thought it was because women were like fine wine, but I now realize that it is because of a primate trait. What can I say! I inherited it :-D

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