Sunday, November 19, 2006

I've sold my soul to the devil

I thought I was going to stay safe. It's not like the .NET framework is completely necessary in order to have a fully functional and efficient Windoze system. Yet, there are a few apps here and there that require the .NET framework. As I type this, the dreaded .NET framework is being installed on my machine. For all I know, this could be the last blog I type from my laptop. For all I know, my machine could spontaneously implode into a super massive black hole. Lord knows that I'm guaranteed to need to install even more security updates from Windows Update each week. Lord knows my friggin virus protection software is going to be working overtime now. Of course, this will certainly help the performance of my Windoze machine. Damn you blogging software that requires .NET framework.

LOL. So when the installation finished, it told me that I should make sure I download the latest security updates. Let's just go check and see how many security updates I need now... HEY! Only two security updates needed for the .Net Framework. Good job guys! :-D

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