Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Lawyer vs. Sewer

Michael Richards is giving a whole new meaning to Kramer vs. Kramer. With his racist rant on stage the other day, everyone got to see a very sick side of Michael Richards. His follow up apology on The Late Show with David Letterman was a poor attempt by Jerry Seinfeld to help his friend out (as well as his Season 7 DVD sales). When Kramer kept referring to "Afro Americans" I just sat there thinking, "This guy has some serious pent up anger." He might as well have just used the N-word again. Kramer is an ass

I'd venture to guess that Michael Richards doesn't even distinguish between any shades of dark skin. He'd probably use the N-word to describe people with dark skin who don't even have roots in African, and he'd probably still refer to them as Afro Americans. Afro what? Of course, we all descended from Africa anyway, but I digress. The point is that Michael Richards' blow up at the Laugh Factory the other day was not to be blamed on alcohol or heckling. He just doesn't like black folk, it's as simple as that.

I don't think I will ever have enough to say about my disgust for Michael Richards. However, this blog is not about Kramer. This blog is about the Adam Corolla interview with Gloria Allred this morning. Adam brought up what he thought to be a very legitimate "logical" argument: Would Gloria be sewing if Kramer had exploded into a rant against fat people? Now, Adam and his crew felt like they had a reasonable argument. Certainly, calling an overweight person terms such as lard ass, fat ass, fat f*ck, etc are all derogatory terms aimed at hurting the feelings of someone overweight.

The problem with Adam's argument is that the United States Capital was not the auction house for selling fat people 200 years ago. The constitution of the United States of American did articulate the voting rights of people who owned fat people. The US Constitution did not have to be amended to provide fat people with the basic human right of freedom. More recently, the National Guard of Alabama did not have to have a stand off with State Troopers at a state run university when fat people attended the university. Bathrooms, dance halls, and restaurants were not separated into the fat people section and the non-fat people section. The United States government did not infect thousands of fat people with syphilis in order to measure the effects of the disease on fat people. The term fat ass is not derived from some racist southerner's lack of education on how to pronounce the country of origin of the fat person.

When he posed the question to Gloria Allred about whether she would be filing a lawsuit against Michael Richards if he went on a rant against fat people... I was surprised that she didn't tell just him that it's not the same thing. Sorry, Adam Corolla. If you want to call it the race card, that's your problem. Calling someone a fat f*ck is nothing like calling them the N-word. Although, just imagine what it would be like if Kramer called the guys fat a$$ f*cking N*s.

What I think is interesting is the proposal that Gloria Allred has put forth: An apology between in front of a retired judge by Kramer to the audience members (Kyle Doss and Frank McBride) at the Laugh Factory. The judge would then decide whether Michael Richards should pay any money for the pain he inflicted. I like the idea of the apology, but what really needs to happen is that Kramer needs help. What surfaced that evening is some deep routed anger that his pocketbook is not going to make any difference with. But how do you get someone to not be an angry racist? Perhaps one day, Kramer will realize that we are all one in the same.

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