Sunday, November 05, 2006

Maybe the NFL is not scripted

4th quarter in New England. The drama doesn't get much better than this. Vinatieri has just missed his second field goal of the game. It's looking like this was perfectly scripted by Vince McMahon (much like the Referee Bowl earlier this year). Tom Brady is on the march. It's clearly going to be another Brady comeback to send it into overtime. Of course, overtime will feature the Colts marching down the field only to be stopped just within field goal range. Vinatieri will setup for another field goal. The tension will be as thick as the skin of a football. Did the Patriots make the right decision? Was not signing the three time Super Bowl game winning kicker the right decision?

WTF! Faulk misses the pass from Brady and it's picked! WTF! The Colts run out the clock. WTF! How does that fit into the plot scripted for the NFL by the folks over at the WWE? Maybe it's just something to throw us off. Something to make us think that the NFL is not rigged after that blundering Super Bowl earlier this year. Or maybe the only script the Super Bowl.

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