Thursday, November 09, 2006

Real-World Fuel Economy Information

Let's just face it. The EPA fuel ratings on car stickers are FOS (Full Of Sh*t). Supposedly, my Mazda gets 36MPG. I think the only tank of gas I had that kind of mileage on was when I drove entirely on the freeway, downhill the whole way with a 50MPH tail-wind. So, along comes a company to help solve this problem.

I know you are thinking that there couldn't possibly be any problems with a government run agency. I mean, the EPA is here to protect us, right? Why would they possibly allow car manufacturers to publish unrealistic MPG ratings in order to be in compliance with Federal mandates to have a certain number of vehicles with good mileage? Our Presidential appointed officials wouldn't possibly allow any stretching of the numbers, right?

Well, just to make sure our government is doing its job, how about we provide ourselves with a checks and balance system for EPA fue ratings! For those unfamiliar with the wiki idea, check this out. The basic idea is that the community contributes information and resources for the betterment of the community. WOW! What a brilliant idea.

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