Friday, November 10, 2006

Sharing is Caring

I'm flying to San Francisco this weekend for my Team Management & Leadership weekend, and I'm taking my laptop with me. I brought my laptop into work and Keen setup synergy2 on my laptop. I downloaded the app and set it up on my desktop. This is the coolest sh*t ever! Check out the synergy project page on

Essentially, I get to share my keyboard & mouse on my desktop at work with my laptop. Just checkout this sweet picture.

What's cool is that I can still use either keyboard on my laptop. Not that I'd want to use my dinky laptop keyboard. Apparently, they have a version for UNIX! I'm going to marry my imac at home to my laptop. Yes, my laptop is now a mouse and keyboard polygamist.

Geek out with with your mouse out! I can set the laptop to either side of my desktop and just change the settings. For instance, you can now see that my laptop is above my pc at work!

Sure! It's not the most stable setup, and I'm not sure my neck would be able to handle this for very long, but it's still geeky cool.

The best feature is that each machine maintains its own work space. I can bust in my DVD of the 2004 US Open of Swing Dance DVD in my laptop whilst pretending like I'm actually getting work done on my desktop. The whole while, I don't have to take my hands off my desktop's keyboard or mouse. Friggin sweet dude!

Oh, and I almost forgot! I can also copy and paste between my two machines. For instance, remember the comment I made about my polygamist laptop? Well, I found that link to on my desktop and then just moved my mouse to the top of my screen and it popped up in my laptop screen. Then I pasted it into the URL box in my blog editor from flock. This is one of those days when I just love technology :-D

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