Thursday, November 02, 2006

Superman Stapler

Since this might be an embarassing story, I won't use full names. I'll just refer to my friends as V and L in order to protect the innocent

I'm standing there talking to my friend (V) regarding his costume at Sonny Watson's Halloween party last night. He is wearing a white dress shirt over a Superman top. It is a rather clever outfit. However, he is complaining about how he can't seem to get his shirt to close. Earlier in the evening, I was thinking to myself: "Self, how does V keep that shirt perfectly tucked open?"

As I'm standing there watching V attempt to undo his perfect shirt folds, he suddenly pulls his finger back as though he had just stuck himself with a pin. I figure V has accidently poked himself with a safety pin (as my friend L figured as well). V's finger is bleeding as L is attempting to help him remove not safety pins but staples, yes staples, from his shirt.

V has stapled his shirt together to hold it open perfectly in Clark/Superman fashion. It was truly creative (hence the creative smiley above). Although, I must admit that a staple would not have been my first choice. Admittedly, it was not V's first choice either. He had tried tape and other wonderful 3M inventions. Finally, he settled for the stapler.

I wonder if I'll be seeing him at Movie Night: Office Space this weekend? Have you seen my stapler? After all, it will be a 15' stapler!!!

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

i was there also.. i think he also tried to keep it open with wires.. ha. staples.. what a nerd!!