Monday, November 13, 2006

What the Heck Happened with the NFL this week?

I'm away from the tv screen for one weekend and look what happens in the NFL: - NFL Scores

Seriously, WTF happened?

  1. In six of games this weekend, the team with the lesser record ended up winning the game
  2. The Raiders almost won a game in the AFC West
  3. Indianapolis only beat Buffalo by one point
  4. Brett Favre didn't throw an interception that was returned for a TD
  5. Vick lost at home to the Dogg Pound
  6. San Diego actually finishes a game powerfully, rather than blowing a 4th quarter lead
  7. Chad Pennington actually wins a game against New England
  8. Miami has a winning streak greater than 1 now
  9. And the BIGGEST shocker of them all: Roethlisberger doesn't throw an interception
Now, there are plenty of things that were not surprises, right? Reggie Bush fumbled. Little Manning showed exactly why big brother does all the commercials. Arizona lost. Detroit lost. Philly mopped the floor with Washington. Let's just hope Monday goes as planned and we get to see Gruden's freckled face all pissed off when Carolina spanks Tampa Bay on Monday night.

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