Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Where are the cool gifts?

product imageI'm sitting here thinking about what to get people for Xmas this year. I think I'm just going to go the gift card route. Seriously, there's nothing that impressive out there.

Well, there is one cool little toy that would be nice to have, but that's the problem. See, I want the R2D2 droid from Hammacher Schlemmer (apparently, Shaper Image has it too). Hell! Did I spell that correctly? Anyway, I can't possibly get the droid for someone else. I want that for myself (hint, hint friends and family who have 120 bucks to spend on me this holiday season who read my blog!)

Click here for DetailsSo where does that leave my gift shopping for others? I know I'm going to get my nephew the R/C kite from Gadget Universe. The kids are the easy ones to shop for. I'll probably drop 20 grand on my nephew because there are plenty of cool toys for a cool five year old kid. However, what the hell am I going to get the adults in my life? I think I might just cop out and get all the men those Gravity Defyer shoes from Gadget Universe. Shoes with springs in them! Gotta love it.

Then there are the females. I have my mom, my three sisters (although one of them is far away so I can escape that way), and a handful of other great women in my life. Do I just goto Bath & Body Works to get them all some gift cards? That's not going to sound like me telling them that I think they smell, right? I would think Victoria's Secret, but I'm a little disturbed with the thought of getting my mom a card to a lingerie shop. Then again, they do have their Fashion Show coming up December 5.

I give up. It's John Mayer CDs for everyone.

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