Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Windows Mobile or PC Therapy?

Now that I have a PC laptop, I have started to sync my Windoze mobile 5.0 telephone with my PC at work, my iMac at home, and my laptop. Every since I started syncing it with two PC devices, things have been strange. Whenever I plug my phone into my PC at work, it thinks that it is a new device... EVERYTIME.

Now, I think it's rather interesting that I can sync a PC and a MAC without causing any problems between the two. Yet, syncing two PCs results in one of those PCs having some sort of inferiority complex about the other PC. I put the PC that was having the problem into therapy. The following is a transcript of the session:

Therapist (T): Tell me about your mother
PC: Well, I'm not really sure who my mother is
T: AH HA! I see. Well, this is a rather simple case. It is your early loss of your mother that was so traumatizing that you have blocked out the memories of her. This detachment has caused you to dissociate from others in life, and you find it difficult to have relationships with others if you feel like you must share them with someone else.
PC: WTF. I don't think that's the case. I'm a PC, and I don't believe that I have a mother.
T: You have no mother at all?
PC: Well, I have a motherboard
T: Tell me about this mother... board
PC: Well, it sits inside me and is really vital to my operation
T: Tell me more about how vital your mother... board is to your operation
PC: Well, it's pretty simple. My motherboard controls just about everything that takes place in my life.
T: AH HA! You feel that your mother is a control freak so you act out in such a way to show her that you are your own person. You act out in ways that allow others to know who you are. You act out against others so that they will give you attention separate from your mother.
PC: Um, I don't agree with that
T: Denial is not just a river in Egypt
PC: No, seriously, dude. This is just a big waste of my CPU
T: Tell me about this CPU
PC: No, really. I just think this is a waste of my time. You want me to break down and start crying because I have some deep attachment to my motherboard. Well, I'm a PC, man! I can't help it.
T: AH HA! Your identity is deeply ingrained within how you relate to yourself. Your fear of your controlling mother had led to you hating your own mother. You must unlearn what you have come to know about yourself.
PC: Okay, Yoda.
T: What you know about yourself is only what you think you know.
PC: Okay, VH1's Driven
T: Does taking shots at me like that provide you with validation for yourself?
PC: Dude, you're a quack.
T: Questioning my qualifications is only you resisting the healing process. You are lovable regardless of how you act out against others.
PC: F* it. This is going nowhere. I'm just going to leave this virus on this USB device. Whenever you get a chance to plug it into your desktop, that would be just great

As you can see, my PC at work has some deep seeded issues that might just take years of work to get around. Or, perhaps a dose of Windows Vista might help. Only time will tell.

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