Friday, November 03, 2006

ZZZ Zune Hitting the Market ZZZ

All the "buzz" about Microsoft's Zune is really giving me a lot of ZZZs. Honestly, I'm not particularly impressed with YAIK (Yet Another Ipod Knockoff - I just had to come up with a cool acronym for this).

Let's review the Zune: It's like the iPod only it is made by Microsoft instead of Apple. WOW! No, seriously. WOW! I can now die happy that the largest software company in the world is capable of making an iPod knock off.

How about this? Let's have an 2GB MP3 watch with built-in bluetooth packaged alongside bluetooth ear buds! That's what I'm talking about! That's going to get me to the stores. Gimme something that's really cool, not YAIK.

YAIKitty YAIK, don't talk back!

Wal-Mart's Zune Displays

zunemart.jpgHis Zuneness has landed at Wal-Mart, home of schlock and ladies giving each other massive internal injuries over $30 DVD players. These pictures were taken with a cameraphone and thus, as clear as putting sandpaper inside your eyelid. But it does show us that the black and two brown players are visible at Wal-Mart. What, no white? I call shenanigans.

That little iPod man on the left actually looks like he's kicking the Zunes, shouting "yeeeow, get out of my space!!"

Thanks Jonathan

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