Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Dead Cellphone meet Flashlight

Yesterday, I posted about one of the most useless bits of cell phone technology
I've seen in a while. Today, I'm pleased to show you a video of one of
the coolest gadgets I've used in a long time. I've written about the Zipping Flashlight from Gadget Universe before. I really did purchase one of these from GU for everyone in my family for Christmas.

Alexander Innovation Wizard made a video of this flashlight available on Youtube. However, they didn't actually show the coolest feature of this flashlight: you can charge a cell phone. Here it is in action!

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Oprah knows The Secret

That’s right folks :-D Oprah is going to have the creator of “The Secret” and several of the contributors on her show next Wednesday.

Want to make a difference in someone’s life? Share “The Secret” with them. You can view it online now for $4.95 and then get a coupon for the same price off the DVD. That essentially gets you the most powerful movie on the market for free. Enjoy!

The Secret ::: Official Release of The Secret Movie

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STOP! or my SPAM will shoot

I was looking for contributors to the Gadget Panel website when I stumbled across a cool tech blogger. I decided to contact him, so I found the email address and sent him an email. I received an immediate reply stating that I needed to verify that I was a human. This wasn’t just an email notifying me that my email was suspected to be spam. It was actually something useful.

The email required me to click a link that took me to the Spam Arrest website. Once there, I needed to perform a CAPTCHA verification. Then my email was delivered to the recipient. What a great system!

If you are curious about this service (I was), click on the link below to read about how it works.

Spam Arrest - How it works - Step 1. Easy to Use

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Fall In Love with The Gravity Defyer Shoes

The Gravity Defyer Shoes by Alexander Innovation Wizard are a hot item. They were a huge hit when debuted at the 2007 CES. Yes, shoes made their debut at the largest consumer electronics show. A crazy idea, but it actually makes sense, given the amount of time people spend on their feet.

See what people said about the shoes at the CES as well as what other bloggers and reporters have to say:

Read what GUTTERBOY said (humorous)
Read what turboGADGETS said
California Newswire
The Red Ferret says they “are straight off the ‘what the…?’ banana boat LOL
Investor’s Business Daily
Nothing to do with Arbroath
Dr. Joe Vitale has many good things to say not just about the shoes
The Gravity Defyer Shoes are wishlisted by someone on Perhaps I’ll send him a pair :-D
CrunchGear had their hopes up about defying gravity
MondoShoes had something to say too
Yahoo! Finance published the press release
Can you Digg it?
They even love it in India
The Ventury County Star picked up on the hot news!
So did the Dallas Morning News
Even got in on the action

See the reactions from people at CES for yourself!

Gadget Universe - Gravity Defyer Shoes

Alexander Elnekaveh (Alexander Innovation Wizard)

Parabolic Listening Device for Spying

I bought one of these from Gagdet Universe last Christmas for my dad. I pointed it at my neighbor’s house, and I could hear her walking across her kitchen floor. You could easily listen in on conversations from a distance away.