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Most Important Copywriting Tip!

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Buying and selling real estate depends on three things:

  1. Location
  2. Location
  3. Location

Writing copy also depends on three things:

  1. Benefits
  2. Benefits
  3. Benefits

What’s a benefit? I’ll tell you what a benefit is not. If it has anything to do with the product, it is NOT a benefit. WHAT?

Here is where it gets really tricky. When I say ANYTHING TO DO WITH THE PRODUCT, I mean ANYTHING. Keep reading, you’ll be able to sell better than ever by the end of this article. For example: Let’s say you are writing about a ladder. Here are examples of what you could say about the ladder:

  1. The ladder extends to 12 feet, making clearing the rain gutters easier than ever
  2. Clearing your rain gutters will be so much easier than ever with this new ladder
  3. Every time my wife would ask me to change a light bulb or clean the gutters, I would always make some excuse not to because it is such a chore. Until I got this ladder

Each of the above make it clear that your life will be easier than before because of the ladder. At first glance, these might even seem like you are talking about a benefit. After all, isn’t having an easier life a benefit we are all after?

I’ll go back to my definition of what a benefit is *not*: If it has anything to do with the product, it is NOT a benefit. All of the above examples have something to do with the product. So, how can you write about the benefits of the product without writing about the product itself?

Going back to the ladder example:

  1. Become a virtual Superman!
  2. You can be the star of your own do-it-yourself television show
  3. Be the neighborhood handyman you’ve always wanted to be

Sound like tall tales? Well, you aren’t selling someone a 12′ ladder. There are hundreds (if not thousands) of choices of 12′ ladders. You are selling him the excitement, the thrill of becoming a virtual Superman who can save cats stuck in a tree. You are selling him on being the guy that everyone goes to in order to find out how to clear rain gutters. You are selling him on being such a great handyman around the house that his wife is going to brag (NOT nag) about him to all the neighbors.

NOTE: I want to clarify that I am not saying to NEVER write anything about the product. You MUST write about product features. However, features are what people look for AFTER they are sold on the item, not before.

After you’ve hooked him with the virtual Superman line, you can give him all the features of the item. Now, when you describe the features of the product, it should be in line with the virtual Superman theme.

For example

  • Leap into action when your cat is stuck in a tree with a sturdy 12′ reach

instead of…

  • You can help save your cat when she gets stuck in a tree. The extra 12′ reach you will have with this ladder will turn into a virtual Superman

Even though the second example utilizes the virtual Superman idea, it doesn’t hold true to the idea of Superman. Remember, superman is able to leap tall buildings in a single bound. He’s faster than a speeding bullet. More powerful than a locomotive. When you tie your copy to that powerful of an image, you need to make sure that the rest of your copy is not a bunch of Kryptonite.

NOTE: In this example, I used a male subject. Same thing applies to women. Obviously, becoming a virtual Superman might not appeal to a woman, but becoming a virtual Oprah or having a virtual Superman husband might.

Now, let’s hope this helps the guy I’m coaching on writing copy for his email marketing campaigns :-D

The ultimate Gadget: Autobots

Transformers - BumblebeeI was browsing the Autoblog and suddenly!!!

Transformers Update: Hasbro gives best looks yet at Optimus Prime and Bumblebee

Bumblebee looks pretty cool, eh? Although, I’m not sure if I agree with him no longer being a Volkswagen Beetle. That was part of the charm of Bumblebee. He was this dinky little VW beetle. Oh well, he still looks pretty cool, if you ask me, since he's a Camaro now (my first car).
Now, checkout the new Optimus!

Transformers -  Optimus PrimeTransformers -  Optimus PrimeTransformers -  Optimus Prime

Let’s see how things turn out in the movie! From what I've seen in the previews, the Autobots look really cool but the Decepticons don't look much like the classic 80s cartoon.

Get Some Bawls

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I visited a company today that does product placement in television, radio, and movies. It was great. I showed them a bunch of products, and they were excited about them. One of the people from an upcoming film came by their office looking for more new product placements.

Before this happened though, I was sitting in the office and they asked me if I wanted something to drink. I told them that water would be fine. Then they asked me, “Would you like some balls?”

“That’s rather forward,” I thought to myself. I just had to clarify, “Did you say balls?”

“Yes. Do you like energy drinks?”

“Well, kinda. Wait, you realize that you said balls, right?” I just had to be extra certain.

“Alexis will bring you some balls.”

So, I waited for about 20 seconds while Alexis went and got my balls. She comes walking back into the office with my balls in her hand. Oh, wait! Bawls. As in the energy drink.

I start drinking my Bawls. It tastes great! I was expecting that nasty Red Bull taste. You know, that cough syrup taste that we’ve all come to know and dread? Here I am a few hours later… I’m still buzzing on this thing. Can you call this a gadget? Not really, but Bawls is an extremely tasty energy drink that gives you a kick… Well, not in the balls.


That’s some wicked lumbar support!

Someone from work put a Coreflx on their chair! That’s some wicked lumbar support!

More windDOZE Follies

Apparently, the last Windoze update has a time bomb in it. After a certain period of time, certain features no longer continue to function. The most noticeable is gaining a network connection after my laptop has been on hibernate. Now, I’ll be the first to admit that I am not a huge Microsoft fan (Windows is a Piece of Work, Cursed Windoze, A Depressing Day in Blogging, I’ve sold my soul to the devil, Windows Mobile or PC Therapy?). The only real benefit to Microsoft products is that it gives me something blog about :-D

It used to be that I could just hibernate my laptop by closing the lid, come back later, open the laptop, and it would connect right to my wireless (or wired) network automatically. This was a useful feature of Windoze, you know… working! Well, the latest updates have apparently give me some new features such are not connecting to ANY network after hibernate, not being able to shutdown, and even slower performance for all Internet related apps!

I suppose that I could spend time on the phone with MS support to figure out what’s going on. Or I could spend hours searching for solutions on the KB… Wait!!! Another update! Mayhaps that will fix the problem!

Did Mr. Fire Attract Emergency Surgery?

Reply to: Beyond Marketing by Dr. Joe Vitale: Did I Attract Emergency Surgery?

I love Mr. Fire aka Dr. Joe Vitale. He is an incredible inspiration in every area of life. I first attracted him into my life with some compelling advertising copy for the Gravity Defyer Shoes. His Hypnotic Writing Wizard software is a great tool for anyone working on any writing project (be it advertising, a book, or any other writing to motivate someone to action!) His books and audio will make a difference in your career, relationships, and life. He is also a contributor to the smash hit: “The Secret“.

I was surprised to read that he was rushed to the hospital to have his appendix removed. My first question was, “Is he okay?” This type of surgery is fairly common. In fact, my coworker, Rennie, had his appendix removed at the 2006 Consumer Electronics Show. So, the question following that was how does it apply to the law of attraction?

I realized something. I was relating to Dr. Vitale’s experience as something bad. I realized that my relationship to illness is that it (illness) is bad. I remembered back to a conversation I had with an ex-girlfriend about illness. What I created then was that illness is just my body’s way of adjusting to transformation.

This holds true to Dr. Vitale. His appendix removal was the result of his body telling him something. The most obvious message? “Remove me NOW!” The not so obvious messages? I think Mr. Fire figured it out in his post that I am replying to.

That illness is something negative is really just a story that we are telling ourselves. What is really happening is exactly what our body is supposed to do given the circumstances and environment we are in. We don’t question whether our skin should burn if we stick or hand in a fire, right? The same thing holds true in a more subtle way through out everyday life. It’s a matter of listening :-D

Christine Lakin Can Read my Thoughts (and I'm not sure that's a good thing!)

Christine Lakin (The Hottie and the Nottie) seems to think the Orbitor Listening Device can be used to read toughts.

Christine Lakin Reads my ThoughtsChrstine Lakin

Christine Lakin

Christine Lakin is shocked by my thoughts

Christine Lakin busted me

She just might be right. I wasn’t believing that she was the nottie in her upcomming film with Paris Hilton (not Perez Hilton) and Joel Moore (Dodgeball).

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