Sunday, February 25, 2007

Did Mr. Fire Attract Emergency Surgery?

Reply to: Beyond Marketing by Dr. Joe Vitale: Did I Attract Emergency Surgery?

I love Mr. Fire aka Dr. Joe Vitale. He is an incredible inspiration in every area of life. I first attracted him into my life with some compelling advertising copy for the Gravity Defyer Shoes. His Hypnotic Writing Wizard software is a great tool for anyone working on any writing project (be it advertising, a book, or any other writing to motivate someone to action!) His books and audio will make a difference in your career, relationships, and life. He is also a contributor to the smash hit: “The Secret“.

I was surprised to read that he was rushed to the hospital to have his appendix removed. My first question was, “Is he okay?” This type of surgery is fairly common. In fact, my coworker, Rennie, had his appendix removed at the 2006 Consumer Electronics Show. So, the question following that was how does it apply to the law of attraction?

I realized something. I was relating to Dr. Vitale’s experience as something bad. I realized that my relationship to illness is that it (illness) is bad. I remembered back to a conversation I had with an ex-girlfriend about illness. What I created then was that illness is just my body’s way of adjusting to transformation.

This holds true to Dr. Vitale. His appendix removal was the result of his body telling him something. The most obvious message? “Remove me NOW!” The not so obvious messages? I think Mr. Fire figured it out in his post that I am replying to.

That illness is something negative is really just a story that we are telling ourselves. What is really happening is exactly what our body is supposed to do given the circumstances and environment we are in. We don’t question whether our skin should burn if we stick or hand in a fire, right? The same thing holds true in a more subtle way through out everyday life. It’s a matter of listening :-D

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